How to add your logo to a custom certificate

TalentLMS lets you create your own custom completion certificates for your courses. From v1.7 on, you can even upload your own custom backgrounds.

If you're handy with HTML though, why not add your company's logo to properly brand your tailor-made certificate?

Here's how to add a logo in five steps:

1. Sign in your TalentLMS account as Administrator, and go to Home > Account & Settings > Certifications.

2. From the Certification drop-down list, choose one of your custom certificates.

3. Next, go to the Template tab to add your logo image to your certificate.

4. Add an image HTML tag with the respective URL to your HTML template (i.e., <img src="[full logo URL]">), according to where you want it placed on the certificate: 

For example: <img src="">

Please note that the image must be publicly accessible. 

5. Click Update to save your certificate or Save as new to create a new certificate based on your changes.

You did it!

You've just branded one of your custom certificates with your company logo like a pro.

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