How to setup Paypal payments for courses

To set up Paypal Payments, you only need to follow these two easy steps;

First, On Account&settings->eCommerce tab (1) select Paypal as your eCommerce processor (2) and type your Paypal email address (3).

Please make sure that the Paypal address you use within TalentLMS matches your primary Paypal address on your Paypal account.

Then you are ready to add a price to your courses (4).

From now on, whenever an end-user tries to purchase a course, they will be redirected to Paypal. As soon as the payment is completed, the user will be successfully assigned to the course.

 You can also set up a notification that will be sent either to the user that made the payment or to the account owner or Super admins of the portal. All you need to do is to go to Events Engine>Notifications and enable the "user payment" event (5).  

Paypal Options

In order for users to be automatically assigned to courses that they have purchased, you must also make sure to complete the following steps;

First, Login to your PayPal account and follow the path: Profile -> My selling tools -> Instant payment notifications -> Choose IPN Settings.

 Check the option "Receive IPN messages" and in the "Notification URL" add the url;

* Keep in mind that IPN stands for Instant Payment Notification.

 Most of the time, when a user makes a payment, Paypal can instantly validate the transaction. In some cases, this may require additional time. The callback feature from Paypal ensures that all users will receive their purchased courses, regardless of the time needed to clear and process payments. 

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