How to share courses with end-users

There are many ways to achieve this.

   1. If you want to allow users to access a course without having an account to your portal follow these steps: As Instructor, go to course page and click on the share icon (1). This will provide you with a public URL (2). Share this URL with your users or use the invite button to send an E-mail notification (3). Doing so will allow the users to complete the course anonymously. At the end of the process, (if you have set the system to allow new user registrations) the users will then be prompted to register to keep their status in the course.

   2. As an administrator, you can enable the External course catalog (1) through the Account & settings. You can then send the catalog's url (2) to the users, advising them to sign up in order to take a course. In order to allow self-registration, this must again be enabled a direct sign up method.

   3. Finally, you may want to enroll the users yourself as an admin. You can allocate courses to users directly. An automatic notification will then be sent to the end user for each course that is manually assigned to them (1).

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