How to assign a set of courses to new users directly

There are cases that you want to have some courses automatically assigned to every new user that either self signs up to your portal or is manually added by the administrator.

In order to do this, you should follow these steps:

  • Create a group and assign the courses you want to it.
  • Move to the Account & settings -> Users tab (1) and from the Default group drop down list (2) select the specific group.

From now on, every new user that will be added to the system will be automatically assigned with the default group's courses.

The same stands for every branch that you add to your portal. After assigning the courses to the branch, you can then create a group with the same courses. Then, you can edit the branch and select this group as the default group for the branch (1).

Note: This process ensures new users that are registered through the branch URL to be automatically assigned to the selected branch and it's courses.

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