How paid plans work and what are their limits

TalentLMS offers 2 types of plans:

Standard plans: These plans limit the system usage based on the total number of users that are registered and have their status set as "active" in the system. You can deactivate users to free a position for a new user. These plans come with hard limits. You cannot have more active users than your account limit.

Unlimited plans: These plans let you register an unlimited number of users. The pricing of those plans is based on the number of different users that login to your portal each month. In this context, an active user is one that has logged in during the last 30 days. These plans come with soft limits, we do not prevent users from logging-in if your plan limit has been reached.

Which plan is best for me?

If you know the total number of your users or your user base changes slowly through time then Plans based on registered users is probable a better fit for you. A common usage scenario is if you want to train the people inside your company.

If you don't know the total number of users you gonna have or you expect most users to login just a few times to your portal then plans based on unique users login is a better fit. A common usage scenario for these types of plans is if you want to sell courses online.

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