How paid plans work

TalentLMS offers two types of subscriptions:

  • Standard

    Standard plans are priced based on the total number of registered users whose status is set as "Active" (from the Active checkbox on their profile page). Whenever a user is deactivated (labeled as "Inactive"), you can use that open slot to register or activate a new user. Standard plans apply hard limits. The system does not, at any moment, allow you to have more "Active" users than your account limit permits.

  • Unlimited

    Unlimited plans allow an unlimited number of registered users. The pricing is based on the total number of different users that log in to your portal each month. In this context, a user is considered as active when they have logged in at least once in the last 30 days from the starting date of your billing cycle. Unlimited plans apply soft limits. Even when your account limit has been reached, the system does not prevent users from logging in. If you have any additional active users during a billing cycle, you're charged accordingly on your next bill.

Note: For more on how to upgrade from your free TalentLMS account to a paid plan see this article.

Which plan is best for me?

Does the total of your active users or the size of your broader user base rarely change? Then, pick one of our Standard plans. That's a common choice for clients who plan to use TalentLMS for training their employees.

Can't estimate how many registered users you're going to have on your portal? Are most of your users expected to log in only a few times? Then, pick one of our Unlimited plans. That's a common choice for clients who plan to sell their online courses through TalentLMS.

Pick a plan that fits your current size and usage. If these conditions ever change, TalentLMS lets you upgrade or downgrade to another plan at any point during your billing cycle (for more see this article).

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