How to map a domain with TalentLMS

TalentLMS offers two important tools when mapping domains;

First, you may rename the domain name you have chosen upon registration to your preference. (e.g, change to

Second, you can map an external domain to your existing TalentLMS domain.

In order to map an external domain, you must first follow these steps:

Login as Admin and go to “Account & Settings->Domain”
Use the button on the bottom that says “Set external domain mapping”
On the Domain Map field, you must insert your own domain (e.g,

Once you have entered a proper domain address, it will be used immediately, however, you must create a proper CNAME DNS record on your own domain for the mapping to be effective. A CNAME, or Canonical Name record is an entry within the Domain Name System (DNS) that specifies where a user can find your web pages or any other URL. You’ll use the CNAME to associate your custom domain with your TalentLMS domain. Each hosting service has slightly different ways to create CNAME records. You need to have access to an administrator in order to map your domain; otherwise, you need the help of your administrator to complete this task. 

When creating the CNAME, use the domain name that you want to map (e.g, on the NAME field and the domain of your TalentLMS portal (e.g, on the DATA field.
(Note that depending on your DNS hosting provider, you may just have to insert lms on the NAME field instead of

Visually, let's describe it this way:

Domain mapping and branching

If you map a domain (e.g, to your original TalentLMS domain,(e.g, each additional branch (e.g, ) will be available as well as a sub-domain of the mapped domain (e.g, In order for this to be effective, you must create an additional CNAME DNS entry that maps * to your TalentLMS portal (similarly with what you did for the original domain).

If there are existing A records or CNAME records on and *, please delete them before adding the records we describe. 

So an example of mapping a custom domain with your TalentLMS portal and mapping your branches with the respective subdomains would look like that:
CNAME * ->

If your custom domain ( is implied in the DNS edit form then your mapping would look like that:
CNAME @ ->
CNAME * -> 

Mapping with a root domain

If your DNS doesn't allow to create a CNAME entry for your custom domain (this is typically if you're trying to map with a root domain such as, then you need to create the following A entries pointing to TalentLMS' IPs. In this case, the mapping would look like that:
A ->
A ->
CNAME * ->

If there are existing A records or CNAME records on and *, please delete them before adding the records we describe.   

Please note:
As we can't promise that the above IPs won't change in the future, we would strongly recommend you to map with a subdomain (for example using CNAME records.

(1) A few DNS providers do not permit the creation of Wildcard DNS entries. In this case, you must create individual DNS entries for your branches. For example; instead of *, use a DNS entry for directly.

(2) Whenever we cannot find a match subbranch for a given URL we will re-direct the user to the www domain. For example, if the end user uses and there is no secondbranch, we will redirect him to

(3) A common issue faced when entering instead of (without www in front of it) in the domain map field in your TalentLMS portal. This will lead to not being able to use branches through mapping properly. Technically, the mapping with this setting needs to be done in sub level (e.g, *

In simple words *do not enter* in the domain map field within TalentLMS. Instead, use If it's your root domain, then you should create the following CNAME entry in your DNS so that your users to be able to access your portal via

As a final note, if you create a branch named "www" this will be used as a normal branch and will not redirect users to the main domain.

(4) If you prefer to host another site on your www domain, it is a good idea to use a second level sub-domain for branching. Technically, will point to your main site. can point to your main TalentLMS domain and branches will be mapped as

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Using SSL with domain mapping

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