Why is the "Go to course" button missing from my courses

A user usually has three roles within the portal: Administrator, Instructor and Learner. 
The functionalities of the Administrator includes creating courses, for the Instructor it is to edit the content of courses, while as the Learner you can test the units created to improve the user experience.

There may be a chance that the "Go to course" button is missing from the info page of the course (1). This is because the user does not have Instructor permissions for the course, and for this reason he cannot enter and cannot further edit the content. In order to have this option you will need to move to the "Users" tab (2) to see the list of users. 

Click on the add button (3) and make sure that you assign the user as Instructor to the course (4). 

Any user assigned as Instructor to the course will have the option to edit the content. 

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