Advanced features of TalentLMS code editor

TalentLMS code editor can be found in various places in TalentLMS such as when editing your theme (letting you write additional CSS or Javascript) or when editing a certificate. To add additional CSS or Javascript, go as an Administrator to Account and Settings and then click on the relevant tab (1)

To edit the template of a certificate, again from Account and Settings move to the Certifications option (2).

This is also available when editing a unit and selecting code view (3), allowing you to modify the unit's content in html.

The editor has syntax highlighting that greatly improves the readability of the code but there are also some advanced features that you might find useful:

Advanced search

    Ctrl-F / Cmd-F
    Start searching (4)

    Ctrl-G / Cmd-G
    Find next

    Shift-Ctrl-G / Shift-Cmd-G
    Find previous

    Shift-Ctrl-F / Cmd-Option-F

    Shift-Ctrl-R / Shift-Cmd-Option-F
    Replace all

    Persistent search (dialog doesn't autoclose, enter to find next, Shift-Enter to find previous)

    Jump to line

    /re/ syntax
    Regular expressions can be used in searches

Full screen mode

    You can press F11 when the cursor is in the editor to toggle full screen editing (5).

To exit the full screen you can press Escape button. 

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