How to upload files from Google Drive to your courses

Files stored in Google Drive can be directly uploaded to TalentLMS, without having to download the file locally and re-upload it to TalentLMS. 
Go to Google Drive and grab the “shareable link” that Google Drive provides (you can’t use a file that is not publicly accessible). An easy way to do this is right click on your file and select “Get shareable link”.

The URL should look like this: or
You can now upload the file to your TalentLMS course in two steps:
Move to the files section (1) and upload the file url using the "upload from external url" option (2).

To use the file into a unit, go back to your course's content and add a Presentation/Document Unit (3) and then select to "use a document from your files" (4) and select the file.

Note: The above process only applies to files uploaded to Google Drive. It will not work for files (documents, presentations, spreadsheets etc) that have been created inside Google Drive.

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