How to integrate TalentLMS with Big Blue Button

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for online learning. With BigBlueButton you can use your video camera and microphone, upload & present PDF and MS Office documents, chat with other users or share your desktop with them.

In TalentLMS you can choose to use the integrated BigBlueButton instance or connect with your own BigBlueButton server. The first option is enabled by default.

In order to use your own BigBlueButton server just follow the next steps:

• Navigate to Account & Settings > Basic settings > Conferences section.
• From the dropdown menu, choose BigBlueButton (1).
• Fill in the base URL for your BigBlueButton instance (e.g (2).
• Fill in the current security salt for your BigBlueButton installation (3).
• Fill in the maximum capacity for each conference (use 0 for unlimited number of participants) (4).

Once you save your settings, you are ready to create your first BigBlueButton conference!

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