How to integrate TalentLMS with Inspectlet

Inspectlet is a handy tool, which records how users interact with your website and allows you to play back recordings in simulated real-time.

You can integrate this tool with your TalentLMS portal, using the Additional Javascript option in the themes section.

In order to do this, follow the steps described below:

Signup at Inspectlet using your TalentLMS domain in the domain field (1) :

Once you’ve signed up you’ll see the installation code. You can’t add this snippet directly in your portal's HTML but you can add the JavaScript part (2) (the part inside the opening <script … > and the closing </script>) in the additional JavaScript of the theme that you’re using in your TalentLMS portal.

 Copy this snippet and paste it in your additional JavaScript in your TalentLMS portal active theme (3) :

Done! You can now monitor from your dashboard in Inspectlet how users are using your TalentLMS portal:

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