How to integrate Salesforce and TalentLMS

We offer a Salesforce APP that, once installed, adds a TalentLMS tab in Salesforce.

From this APP, your users can access their TalentLMS courses within Salesforce, without a separate login. 

To install the APP, click on the following link:

You will need to have admin rights in Salesforce. If you don't, please ask your Salesforce administrator to install it for you. 

During the installation, you can select to either allow all Salesforce users access to the APP, or to specific user profiles (1)

Once the installation is complete, Click on the Setup icon (2), move to Apps (3) and search for Installed Packages (4) to configure the TalentLMS package (5).

In the APP configuration page, enter your TalentLMS domain ( eg. ) and your TalentLMS API key (6)

You can find your TalentLMS API key by going to TalentLMS / Basic Settings / Security.

That's it! Your users can now access TalentLMS from within a Salesforce tab! 

If you have already created user accounts in TalentLMS for your salesforce users, your users will be able to access their existing accounts (provided that the email address is the same in both systems).

If not, a new user account in will be created in TalentLMS when a salesforce user accesses the APP for the first time. 

The first time a user accesses the app, will be asked to give access to his/her basic information. This can be achieved by clicking on the relative link (7) and then clicking "Allow" on the popup (8).

Apart from this integration, we also offer an integration through zapier that you can use to make various automations between the two systems!

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