How to integrate my TalentLMS domain with Slack

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This post assumes that you already have a Slack and a TalentLMS account.

In this short guide we’re going to combine the “Course Completed (User Details) TalentLMS trigger with the “Send Channel Message” Slack action, so that when a user completes a course in TalentLMS, a message will be posted to a specific Slack channel.

1) In Zapier, create a new Zap and give it a name (e.g. “Slack/Zapier”).

2) Now you need to choose the trigger app. Start typing “TalentLMS” on the search bar, and choose “TalentLMS” from the options shown.

3) Now you need to choose the trigger itself. In this case, you shall pick the “Course Completed (User Details)” trigger — the one that is executed when a user you have specified by login/id completes a TalentLMS course.


4) If you have not already started integrating TalentLMS account with Zapier you will be asked to do so now.

Provide the credentials required for your TalentLMS account to be connected. Your shall need your TalentLMS domain (the url of your eLearning site) and API key. The latter can be found in the Account & Settings > Basic settings > Security page (you could have also done this in advance from your “Connected Accounts” Zapier page).


Once you have done so, you can test that you account is connected properly and you are ready to move on to the next step.

5) The next step would be to setup the user for whom you want to get their completed courses. Use the dropdown menu which gives your the option to select among your TalentLMS users.


6) Similarly to step (2), you now you need to select your action app — that app that will respond to the “Course Completed” TalentLMS event. In our case, this will be Slack.

Start typing Slack… in the search bar, and select Slack from the options shown.

7) Now pick the Slack action you want to run. This will be “Send Channel Message” — the one that posts a new message to a specific Slack #channel you choose…


8) Similarly to how you authorized Zapier to connect to TalentLMS in step (4) you need to also authorize it to connect to your Slack account. Once you have done this, you can test that the connection was setup properly.


9) The final step is for helping Zapier translate the user information it gets from TalentLMS to the field names that Slack understands.


Select the channel that you want your message to be posted in and also setup the message that you want to post.

Assume a message like the following “User: Nick Smith (nicksmith) completed the course: Future Technologies”. You can setup a template for these kind of messages similar to how it shows in the screenshot.

And that’s it. You now have a working Slack to TalentLMS user account creation integration.

Don’t be put off by the lengthy description above — it’s more verbose than difficult to follow.

Test that you Zap works as it is supposed to:


and finally give a name and set it on… That’s it. You’ve done it!


Following the same trigger and action logic you can hook up any other functionality you want between Slack and TalentLMS (and the other way around of course, as TalentLMS is itself a trigger provider too).

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