How to work with linked units

Linked units let you minimize the update effort when dealing with courses that share a lot of the same material. If you wish to copy an existing unit to different courses, when you make a change that you want to be reflected to all the other units, you should either update each unit separately or link them to save time.

How to link from another course?

Go to the page for editing your course's content and select the option to add a link from another course (1).

Select the course (2) and the unit (3) you want to link.

From now on everytime you update the master course, all linked units will be updated automatically .  

Note: Test, surveys, assignments and ILT units can not be linked! Also, a linked unit can not be cloned. On a course level, you can clone a course that contains linked units. 

The difference with cloned units
Linked units allows you to make a link to the original unit in order to use it to the new course. Every change to the original unit will be reflected to the linked units that will be automatically updated. 
Cloned units allows you to clone a unit to the new course. Although they are sharing the same content, the original and the cloned unit are different and not related with each other. So any change you make to the original unit will not affect the cloned. 

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