How to integrate my TalentLMS domain with Wordpress

TalentLMS integrates with Wordpress through the TalentLMS WP plugin. In this guide we are going to go through all the plugin's features and functionalities.


To install TalentLMS WP plugin, log in your WordPress site as administrator, and from your Administration panel visit the Plugins page. Click to add a new plugin and search for "talentlms". TalentLMS WP plugin is stored in the WP plugins repository and you should be able to find it right away.

Alternatively, you may manually upload the .zip file of the plugin. First download the plugin from the plugin's page

and then upload the .zip file to WordPress

Once the plugin is installed, procced to activate it.


Once the plugin is activated you will be able to notice the TalentLMS menu on the left of your Administration dashboard options. Clicking on the dashboard of the plugin you may navigate to all the plugin's admin pages. Those are:
  • Setup Setup your TalentLMS domain and API key to get your plugin started.
  • Options Choose the options to customize your plugin's appearance and behaviour
  • Sync Sync your TalentLMS and WordPress users and content
  • Edit CSS Edit the plugin's CSS rules to best match your WordPress theme's look and feel
  • Shortcodes A comprehensive list of all WordPress TalentLMS plugin's shortcodes
  • Help Details about the plugin and any help you might need.


The plugin offers a list of shortcode you can use in any WordPress page or post. Those are:

  • [talentlms-courses] Shortcode for listing your TalentLMS courses. Otherwise called the course catalog.

  • [talentlms-signup] Shortcode for outputing a signup to TalentLMS form.

  • [talentlms-forgot-credentials] Shortcode for a forgot your TalentLMS username/password form

  • [talentlms-login] Shortcode for a login to TalentLMS form


Upon installation a new widget will be available for you in the your widgets list. This is the Login to TalentLMS widget.

Default pages

Upon installation a few WordPress pages will be automatically created. Those are:
  • Courses
  • Forgot Login / Password  
  • Login to TalentLMS
  • Signup
Each page is hosting the corresponding shortcode of the plugin.

Note: Keep in mind that you should not try to change the slug of those pages, because doing so will affect the functionality of the plugin.


Once you have installed and activated the plugin you need to set it up. The first setup you need to do is to connect your plugin with your TalentLMS domain. To do navigate to the Administration dashboard > TalentLMS > Setup

You need to provide your TalentLMS domain and your TalentLMS API key. Both information is required.

  • TalentLMS Domain your TalentLMS domain should be a valid TalentLMS domain. This meas that you should provide the TalentLMS domain in the following format
    Make sure that your do not include the prefix http(s):// when entering your TalentLMS domain

  • API key You can find this in your TalentLMS Home / Account & Settings > Security. Click on Enable the API and copy paste your API key. You can find out more about how to obtain your TalentLMS API key here

WP settings

A mandatory modification you need to make in order TalentLMS WP plugin to properly function is to change the structure of your WordPress permalinks. Go to Administration dashboard > Settings > Permalinks and change the Common Settings to "Post name"


In the options page you can customize your plugin's behaviour and appearance.

 - Catalog Customize your catalog's appearance (catalog is the list of all your courses that you can output in WordPress using the shortcode
  • Show categories on...: Choose the position of the TalentLMS categories in referance to the course list
  • Courses per page: Choose how many courses are going to be displayed in each page.
- Signup Specify the actions to be taken when users signup to TalentLMS through the shortcode [talentlms-signup]
  • Signup integration: Choose wheather you want to integrate the signup process of TalentLMS and WordPress. If so each time a user is created in WordPress a new user will be created in TalentLMS. Also each time a users signs up to TalentLMS through the plugin's signup form a WordPress user will be created
  • On signup redirect user to...: Choose the action to be taken after a users signs up with TalentLMS from your WordPress site.
- Login/Logout
  • Log in integration: Log in with TalentLMS WP plugin shortcode or widget attempts to log in users to WordPress also
  • On login redirect user to...  : Choose the action to be taken after a users logs in to TalentLMS through your WordPress site
  • On logout redirect user to... : Choose the action to be taken after a users logs out from your WordPress site
  • On logout from TalentLMS redirect user to... : Choose the action to be taken after a users logs out from your TalentLMS site


  • Syncing Users

    You can synchronize your TalentLMS and WordPress users, by making your WordPress users also users in TalentLMS and vice versa.

    If you choose to overwrite WordPress users information from TalentLMS, all WordPress users' details with the same username in TalentLMS will be overwritten by the corresponding TalentLMS details.
  • Syncing Content

    You can synchronize your TalentLMS content with WordPress. TalentLMS courses, categories etc are cached for performance reason. If you have new content in your TalentLMS get your WordPress site up to date.

    You may choose to automatically sync your content with TalentLMS periodically.
    Note:Periodic syncing happens twice a day, so if you want your changes to take effect immediately you should probably sync your content manually.
Note: Each time you perform some changes in your TalentLMS content (categories, course settings, custom fields etc) you need to sync your content again in order for the plugin's cache to get refreshed. If you do not sync your content your changes will not be visible in your WordPress


TalentLMS plugin integrates with WooCommerce, a rather popular free eCommerce WordPress plugin. You can integrate your courses as WooCommerce products and sell them through your WooCommerce store.

  • TalentLMS Users & WooCommerce Customers

    Check this option if you wan to create a new TalentLMS user each time a new WooCommerece customer is created. In case you have custom user profile fields defined in your TalentLMS domain, you can match WooCommerce extra information with your custom fields

  • TalentLMS courses/categories & WooCommerce products/categories

    Choose your TalentLMS courses you want to integrate as WooCommerce products. All TalentLMS categories will be integrated by default. In case you need to integrate courses that have been already integrated choose the option "Force integration"

Edit CSS

You can edit CSS rules for TalentLMS WordPress plugin to best customize the look and feel of the plugin according to your WordPress theme.

How users buy courses through WordPress (native method)

In order to sell TalentLMS courses through WordPress, you need to setup a PayPal account with TalentLMS. Check out this guide on how to do so.

Note: Users may use the native method if and only you have setup a PayPal account with TalentLMS. Other means of payment available in TalentLMS, such as Stripe etc, do not integrate with TalentLMS WP plugin.

First of all your users should have an account with TalentLMS. They can browser your course catalog in WordPress and view the course they wish to buy. Once they do so, they need to enter the course's page where they can view its details. They will need to login in order to proceed with the purchase of the course.

Once they are logged in the option to buy this course will be available to them.

Clicking on Bug this Course link will redirect them to PayPal where they can actually complete the payment.

Note: In case a course is free or you have a price attached to it but you do not have a PayPal account set up in your TalentLMS domain, your TalentLMS users will be presented with the option to get this course immediately.

Selling Course through WooCommerce

Assume you have already integrated your courses as WooCommerce products. So your shop is now ready to sell TalentLMS courses.

Note: You need to make sure that WooCommerce does not allow guest checkouts. Visit your WooCommerce settings and disable the option Enable guest checkout, which allows customers to checkout without creating an account. Find out more about WooCommerce settings here.

Note: Make sure that you have the TalentLMS Users & WooCommerce Customers option enabled from your Administration panel > TalentLMS > Integrations page because new customers new to get registered not only with WooCommerce but with TalentLMS also.

Users would add the courses they wish to purchase in their cart and proceed to checkout.

At this point they will be asked to either log in if they are returning customers, or fill in their billing details if they are new customers. In any case they have to log in (or create an account first and then login) to place the order.

Note: Returning customers need to be both users in WordPress (assigned a Customer role) and in TalentLMS, so make sure that you have your users synced in both systems. New users that are getting registered as customers with your WooCommerce are going to be automatically created as TalentLMS users as well.

Once users place their order, your WordPress administrator needs to process that order. When then order is marked as completed then and only then the user will get assigned the course in TalentLMS.


  • In some pages of my plugin i receive the following:
    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at
    which causes my plugin to malfunction. What do i do to solve this issue.

    - It is usually because there are spaces, new lines, or other stuff before an opening <?php tag or after a closing ?> tag, typically in wp-config.php. Check out more information about this issue and how to tackle it here.

  • I have added new courses in my TalentLMS domain or i have made changes to my course settings (such as hide/show them from catalog or inactivate/activate them) or i have created custom fields for my users but my changes do not show up in my catalog.

    - TalentLMS WP plugin communicates with your TalentLMS domain through the TalentLMS API. Data retrieved through the API are cached in your WordPress site for performance reasons. Make sure to sync your content in order for your changes in your TalentLMS domain to take effect in your WordPress site.

  • When syncing users i receive the following error for some users:
    User: <username> Error: Invalid arguments provided
    what is the cause of this and how would i solve this.

    - This issue is usually caused due to mandatory custom fields in your TalentLMS domain. Make sure that you have your content synced again. This will clear your plugin's cache and will fetch any information about custom fields. Then visit the each of the users' profiles from your WordPress Administration Panel > Users and make sure that you fill in any missing data in their profile page. After that try syncing your users again.

  • Can I restrict the shortcode [talentlms-courses] for the courses catalog to only display a certain category or a certain set of courses.

    - No, your catalog will display all your courses and categories. It will display also empty categories. It will not display only courses that are hidden from the catalog or that are inactive.

  • I want my users to be able to take courses and their content material in WordPress. How do i do this?

    - It is not possible to do so. Your users will have to eventually log in to your TalentLMS and take their courses there.

  • Do my customers need to create an account with WooCommerce and TalentLMS or is it possible to enable WooCommerce the guest checkout option?

    - Yes, your users need to get registered both as WooCommerce customers and as TalentLMS users. You should disable the WooCommerce guest checkout option.

  • My catalog (or other pages) do not match the look and feel i want for my WordPress.

    - You can edit the CSS rules for the TalentLMS WP plugin. To do so, log in as administrator and go to Administration panel > TalentLMS > Edit CSS.

  • I get the following error after installing and activating my plugin:
    TalentLMS_ApiError Object: API is not enabled for <domain>

    You have not enabled your TalentLMS API.. Check out this guide on how to do so.

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