Release Notes September 2016


  • We now have a new style of custom report called “Learning progress”. This will show you a list of users that comply with the rules you have selected along with their progress data. In custom reports you can now customize which columns will be shown in the report and in what order. You can now add group, branch, custom field columns. Learn more in this article. 
  • Each user can now access and download an infographic that displays their own progress. They can access this through the progress section in their profiles. Admins can also access a users infographic through user reports. 
  • You now have an option to exclude specific users from receiving notification emails (apart from important ones like password reset).
  • We have added a new action that calls a user-specified URL on course completion, learn more about this here.
  • On the timeline report a second date field has been added so you can filter results for a specific time period. Timeline export is also more organized in to columns. 
  • When you have mapped your domain you can customize the email sender address that appears when notification emails are received.


  • The Grid Export functionality has been extended to cover the full grid and not just the current page, allowing users to export up to 50,000 rows at once.
  • The messaging system has been revamped: you can forward emails, include others in your replies. We’ve also added an WYSIWYG editor for composing your messages. You can also delete all sent/incoming messages at once.
  • As an admin you can easily switch between a course edit mode and its report view.
  • Custom fields: date-time custom field types have been added. We also now support an unlimited number of custom fields. 
  • You can reset the gamification points, badges or levels for a group of users or users who belong to a specific branch.
  • When a user logs into the portal and his profile has incomplete mandatory fields, an announcement will appear prompting them to complete their profile’s information.
  • Test exports include scores for upto 10 last test attempts.
  • SCORM reports can now be exported.
  • Usability improvements on Units: you don’t need to press on the embed button to add Youtube videos. Also the iFrame dimensions for Scorm units are hidden by default. 
  • Usability improvements on Notifications.
  • We’ve added href parameter to all links that are handled by Javascript, especially the submit buttons in order to serve assistive technology users better who rely on TAB buttons to navigate. 
  • Category name has been added next to course names when adding courses to a group and in course reports.
  • On forgot password a user can use either their username or email to trigger the password reset email.
  • The system error messages have been white labelled.
  • Updated our Citrix integration (Gotowebinar, Gotomeeting etc.) to the last version.
  • We’ve added icons on the content menu viewed as an instructor. 
  • User description character limit has been increased from 250 to 800 characters and group description limit has also been increased from 255 to 500.
  • The interface of scheduled reports has been improved. 
  • We’ve added the Russian Ruble currency.
  • When a timeline event has been triggered by an “Action” rule i.e. “deactivate user after X hours of inactivity” it is reflected in the timeline as “system action”.
  • ILT entries on the conference grid have been improved.
  • When a learner has failed an assignment we’ve emphasized the “view instructor reply”.
  • We now support new & more vimeo urls such as: ,
  • API extensions (delete user, delete course, delete branch, delete group, set status on branches, Create branch - rename argument, Create group - empty creator id).

Bug Fixes

  • When you upload a file as an admin and preview the file and then click on home your role type changed to instructor, this has been fixed so that your role is maintained throughout the action.
  • When you export to excel from Dashboard/Export, the excel file does not include the rendered template's html code anymore.
  • The issue with common login keys has been fixed.
  • Rating a course does not add a course update event on the timeline. 
  • Resuming a course will prompt you to continue where you left off.
  • Custom reports can now be added in Russian.
  • The system export now supports rows greater than 65,500.
  • Tin Can extension-fixes for iSpring modules.

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