Release Notes May 2016


  • You now have an infographic on your own eLearning portal that lets you view at a glance how your training activities (and/or business) are doing. This can be downloaded as a png image, learn more here.
  • You can now restore the last 20 deleted users and courses. Read this guide for instructions on how to do this.
  • We’ve added a new 5-star ranking system that lets learners rate courses they have completed.  See this guide on how to enable course rating.


  • Custom course fields are now displayed on the course summary page and can be seen by the learner.
  • When importing courses to groups or branches an option has been added to add it directly to group or branch with these functions: “coursetogroups” & “coursetobranches”.
  • When the course summary page is enabled and someone gets a course from external catalog this will take them directly to the course instead of the course dashboard.
  • Additional events can be tracked in the timeline report like unit update, course reset for a user, when a course is failed, when a user is updated or deactivated by the admin.
  • Gamification levels enhancements have been made: when courses have been assigned to users by the admin and not acquired through the course catalog, the next level of courses can only be accessed when the criteria has been met.
  • Mass actions have been split into ajax triggered batches – with an interface to show progress, an admin can pause and re-start this process at any point.
  • Retina-ready course image is now shown throughout the portal.
  • Better support for multiple choice questions, including a differentiation between multiple-choice questions with one or multiple correct answers and improved visual design.
  • Ability to forward TinCan statements to an external LRS. You can read this article for more information.
  • Added Norwegian/Estonian/Lithuanian/Czech translations.
  • Custom certification backgrounds are displayed first in the certificates list. The upload button has also been moved to the first tile in the carousel.
  • Course owners have been excluded from course assignment notifications.
  • An invoice item will be created even for courses that are bought with 100% discount.
  • We have added a new action to assign courses on certificate expiration i.e. On course X certification expiration, reset and assign course(s) Y"
  • On a specific course report, on the user tab you can now filter by users who belong to specific groups & branches.
  • Certifications maximum expiry period is now extended to 3000 days.
  • Our Wistia Integration has been improved.
  • Follow-up emails on discussions are limited to 1 week from one's last reply.
  • Visual improvements for small screens.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixed on import/export custom user/course fields.
  • Bugs on expanding some grids in the portal have been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when cloning ILT units.
  • When a course containing a conference is deleted, the conference event in the calendar is also deleted.
  • Bug fixed when searching for courses as a learner/instructor through left search bar.
  • Courses in a group are now synchronized with users correctly when you add, remove and add again course to a user.
  • Scrolling issue when a user belongs to too many branches has been resolved.
  • Fixed commas in grid columns so that new columns are not created in excel.
  • TinCan timeline entries are now specified per branch.
  • Zeros are now an accepted form of answer on drag & drop questions.
  • Fixed an unusual behaviour on Firefox when creating tests.
  • Unique email requirement for users signing through SSO.
  • Bug with discussions fixed.

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