How to access the course's questions

Each course has its own question "bank". In order to access it you have to either click to add a new test (1) or, in case that you have already added a test to your course, click to edit the specific test (2) or any test (in case your course has many).

This list (3) shows all the questions that have been created for the specific course. Those with the "Added" tag (4) are the questions added to the specific test you are editing.
If you want to edit a question simply click on it, make the changes you want and then update it.

Clicking on the option "Show questions from other courses" (5), reveals all the questions that you have created in the other courses that you have access to as an instructor.

Note: When you click the delete button (6) the question is deleted from the course (and the system) and not only from the test you are editing. If you want to remove a question from the test, just click on the "Added" button and the question will be removed.

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