How to set up an Instant Course Completion Notification

You can set up an automation that calls an external URL when a user completes a course. 

When the course is completed, we will call that URL passing the ID of the involved user and the ID of the course as arguments.

There are many cases where this can be useful

  • Update / synchronize an external system
  • Perform a custom action, such as giving the user a reward
  • Send a custom message to the user
  • Update a custom field in the user profile 
  • Enroll the user to some other course
  • Call an external API to do a custom action

How it works

To create the Automation, log in as Administrator and select the Automations option (1) from the Events Engine section. Then select to add a new Automation (2).

Type a name (3) and select "On course X completion, call URL Z" (4).

Select the course that you want to change (5) and add your URL (6), for example "

When a user completes this course, we will call the external URL passing the user id and the course id as HTTP GET parameters eg.

You can build your custom logic in your external script such as connecting to a database and updating a few fields, calling an API to perform an action, sending an email, and so on.

Need more information apart from the user id and course id ? 

You can call our API to retrieve more information. For example, since you know the user's id, you can call our API endpoint /v1/users/id:{userId} that will give you information such as the user's first_name, last_name, email, gamification level, gamification points and so on. 

You can do the same for the course by calling our API endpoint /v1/courses/id:{courseId}

Note: Automations are available from the Plus or the Basic Unlimited plan upwards. 

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