Knowledge Base

  1. Billing & Plans 

    1. How to start my subscription
    2. How paid plans work
    3. How to calculate monthly fees when Upgrading or Downgrading mid month
    4. What happens if I cancel my Subscription before it expires
    5. Where to get the Invoice for your Subscription payments
  2. Branches 

    1. How to work with Branches
    2. Branch naming restrictions
    3. How to switch to another Branch
    4. How to use Branches for multi-purpose training
    5. How to set up a limit to the number of Branch users
  3. Certifications 

    1. How to work with Certifications
    2. How to add your logo in a certification
    3. How to select between landscape and portrait certifications
    4. How to update the issued certificates
    5. How to allow users to share their Certifications to LinkedIn
  4. Compliance 

    1. WCAG/WCAG-2/WAI/Section 508/ADA Compliance
    2. TalentLMS support for 21 CFR Part 11
    3. What eLearning Protocols are supported
    4. How does TalentLMS support CMI5 content
    5. How to make sure that my Users have accepted the Terms and Conditions
  5. Communication 

    1. How to work with Discussions
    2. How to use Discussions as Units Content
    3. How to upload files to the Discussions
    4. How to send Messages through your portal
  6. Courses 

    1. How sorting works for Courses
    2. How to support Compliance training with TalentLMS
    3. Course time limits & expired courses
    4. How to work with Articulate Storyline content on an iPad
    5. How to publish a course created in Lectora in TalentLMS
  7. Events Engine 

    1. How to work with Notifications
    2. How to set up Automations
    3. How to set up an Instant Course Completion Notification
    4. How to assign courses based on the score a learner gets on a course
    5. What are the notification options about ILT events
  8. Files 

    1. Upload limits
    2. How to share files with users
    3. How to upload files from Dropbox to TalentLMS
    4. How to add files to a user's profile
    5. How to add files to Branch/Group members profile
  9. Gamification 

    1. What Gamification characteristics are supported
    2. How to customize the Gamification experience
    3. How to synchronize Badges with Mozilla's Backpack
    4. How to see the Gamification Reports
    5. How to customize Badges
  10. Generic 

    1. How to first start out in TalentLMS
    2. How to reset your password
    3. What browsers are supported
    4. How to customize the homepage
    5. How to work with Groups
  11. Importing 

    1. How to import historic data of courses completion
    2. How to exclude multiple users from emails at once
  12. Integrations 

    1. Can I integrate my site with TalentLMS? Do you offer an API?
    2. TalentLMS-Shopify Integration with the Native app
    3. How to integrate TalentLMS with MailChimp, Zendesk, Uservoice, Salesforce, etc
    4. How to use the TalentLMS and Zendesk chat integration
    5. How to integrate Shopify and TalentLMS
  13. Marketplace 

    1. How Marketplace works
  14. Payments 

    1. How to setup Paypal payments for courses
    2. How to setup Stripe payments for courses
    3. How to work with Discounts
    4. My course has a price but it still shows as Free on Catalog
    5. How to work with Coupons
  15. Product News 

    1. Release Notes October 2018
    2. Release Notes May 2018
    3. Release Notes February 2018
    4. Release Notes October 2017
    5. Release Notes June 2017
  16. Reports 

    1. How to build Custom Reports
    2. How to view the portal's infographic
    3. How to create custom Infographics
    4. How to view the user's infographic
    5. How to work with the Extended Timeline
  17. Single Sign On (SSO) 

    1. How to configure SSO with an LDAP identity provider
    2. How to configure SSO with a SAML 2.0 identity provider
    3. How to configure SSO with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 (ADFS 2.0) Identity Provider
    4. How to configure SSO with OneLogin
    5. How to configure SSO with Okta
  18. Settings 

    1. How to map a domain with TalentLMS
    2. How to assign a set of courses to new users directly
    3. How to make the course catalog visible to non-registered users
    4. How to replace words or phrases with your own
    5. How to prevent multiple logins from the same user
  19. Tests 

    1. How question weights work
    2. How to import questions using GIFT/AIKEN format
    3. How to add audio to test questions
    4. How to prevent copy/paste on "free text" questions
    5. How to disable copying question text
  20. Theming 

    1. How to modify the CSS of your domain theme
    2. Selecting a CSS to modify the default font on units
    3. How to discover the CSS element for a specific page object
    4. How to add custom internal pages while keeping the Simple login page
    5. How to add Javascript to your theme
  21. Units 

    1. How updating Units works while people have the related Course
    2. How to preserve audio and animation on Presentations
    3. How to create an Instructor-Led Training (ILT) unit
    4. What a "Sample" Unit is and how to work with it
    5. How to embed Prezi, Vimeo or Wikipedia content
  22. Users 

    1. How to share courses with end-users
    2. How to prevent users from self-registering to courses
    3. How to allow end-users to self-register
    4. How to allow end-users to sign up with their Linkedin, Facebook or Google Account
    5. How to change the status of a user in a course
  23. All articles 

    1. How to map a domain with TalentLMS
    2. Can I integrate my site with TalentLMS? Do you offer an API?
    3. How to share courses with end-users
    4. Upload limits
    5. How to setup Paypal payments for courses

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