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Documentation - more of it, and better UI in help section

I can't find documentation easily within the help section. Is this page really all there is??
- That refers to the "samples" tab. What samples tab?
- There is no docs for Import/export in support.talentlms.com either.

Modal windows for videos mean it's also impossible to link to something within the help section to share with colleagues. Except, at least you use YouTube which is merciful, but a PITA to access.

I'm making my own help pages outside of Talent LMS, this doesn't seem right.

Modal windows are OK for actions so people don't lose context, but they are a baffling method for serving up important content which should have a URL of its own.

And there's no way of searching the help/videos. A search function would be nice.

The mystery-meat carousel is really not appropriate navigation for this content.

Sorry for all this in one "idea", but I'm incredibly frustrated by the lack of documentation and poor UX. Feel like I shouldn't be writing documentation for my colleagues on this system.

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      • Charles commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Heather, when you say "the mystery meat carousel for navigation", are you referring to the navigation within a course? That's the one big complaint I have - our users don't know or remember that they need to click on the top right to access the in-course navigation pane to go to another topic or to click on the name of the course in the top left to go home. Technically, those still breadcrumbs for them to navigate, but still feel a bit like Hansel and Gretel trying to find them!

      • AdminTalentLMS (Support Team, TalentLMS) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Some harsh but still useful comments.

        Usability and Documentation are moving targets.

        We prefer to add resources on Usability as it makes better sense for the user to get it from the beginning rather having to read documentation. With systems that have "deep functionality", a number of times it may not be clear how things operate though. And that's why the documentation is unavolidable. The quality and quantity of supports articles is improving through time with more and to the point articles based mainly on customer questions.

        You did post a question that makes sense today, so we created a related article that will be useful for others as well.

        Different support mediums serve different needs. The main support portal though is our UserVoice portal. The blog is a bit of support but it serves another reason (SEO, announcements etc). Youtube videos are nice as introductory material. The help page within the talentlms portal is mainly a quick manual of basic functionality. The Introductory course is another way to get acquintaned with Talentlms basic functionality.

      • heather.james commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Heh, the response makes it sounds like there just so MUCH documentation, but the user experience of this is completely *fractured*.

        It means you want me to search in at least 6 places (well, 5 since one of them you can't search?)
        1. Help section which is essentially one page with modal windows, so unsearchable
        2. Youtube channel. Where most of the videos have no description! So you're searching the titles only.
        3. The support portal which is lacking basics such as "how to promote a user to a certain role within a course" for example. Just basics are not there.
        4. The blog? Why is important documentation in the blog?? That is a location for periodical information which should "expire" I don't think people expect a blog is kept up to date and useful for documentation.
        5. directly going to social channels for support? This seems like a drain on staff...
        6. Oh and a "course"... can you search within a course? I don't think so! That's *another* frustrating thing!

        I can't accept that 5 places to search for answers to problems is better than an organized, structured documentation resource.

        With much respect to your great response and client support, that can't scale.

        There's some serious UX issues within the system. Mystery meat navigation, modal windows, unclear where I am, unclear user lists in courses, poor WYSIWYG. The idea that "the best manual is the system itself" is noble. But you need more user testing.

        I don't even have enough votes to add the issues as I find them since we use Uservoice here. Nice for deflection/limiting responses, but really....

        I don't know what to say. I find TalentLMS one of the most frustrating UIs of any tool I use. I just sense it's lacking user testing?

        So that's why, some nice, structured documentation would be a true life line!

      • AdminTalentLMS (Support Team, TalentLMS) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Hello Heather,

        Thanks for sharing your feedback on that issue. We do plan to improve the support system, however here are some additional guidelines that may be of help.

        We do offer multiple support channels. Those include:

        a) The help page under each domain

        b) A youtube channel located at: http://www.youtube.com/talentlms

        c) A course inside talentlms based on those videos. It is a good idea to "share" this course with your colleagues

        d) The support portal located at: http://support.talentlms.com. This include answers to basic questions as well. I can see that an item is lacking for import/export. We will add one the coming week. There is a related youtube video though that can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjEv1iq_bDs

        e) Our blog located at: http://blog.talentlms.com. This offer a number of extenive tutorials on how certain things work. Check below the "Functionality" category for an organized view of such topics: http://blog.talentlms.com/category/functionality/

        f) A twitter, a google+ and a facebook channel. Those are mainly support mediums

        Note also that we believe that the best manual should be the system itself. Nothing can help you better than a system that is easy to understand and use. We trim an enchance in endless iterations parts of the system that we believe it can be presented in a simpler way. Our focus is by large on easy of use.

        Be well,

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